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Utilities Package

Utilities Included in Rent Package

Want to have your utilities included with your rent? 700 Acqua offers a very convenient package just for you. The price of utilities can sometimes fluctuate from month to month making budgeting and predictable expenses a chore, but when you choose our utilities package, your utilities included rent will be the same month after month. Easier to pay and easier to predict, you won't be surprised with an unexpected utility bill.

Perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and predictability, the all inclusive rent package bundles all your important bills into one easy payment each month. Great for students or those moving out on their own for the first time or anyone that appreciates simplicity and convenience. No unpredictable surprises eating into your budget when you choose to include utilities in your rent.

One Bedroom Apartment Utilities included in rent
For one bedroom apartment homes, utilities included in rent cost is $199. This package includes water, sewer, trash and electricity.

Two Bedroom Apartment Utilities included in rent
For two bedroom apartment homes, utilities included in rent cost is $260. This package includes water, sewer, trash and electricity.

Apartments With Utilities Included

Aegean    1 bed / 1 bath
875 sqft.    $1,306*

Caspian    2 bed / 2 bath
1,030-1,055 sqft.    $1,490*
Additional 25 sqft in master bedroom

Baltic    2 bed / 2 bath
1,170 sqft.    $1,530*

Adriatic    2 bed / 2 bath
1,133 sqft.    $1,540*

Adriatic Alt    2 bed / 2 bath
1,074 sqft.    $1,810
Includes attached garage

Catalan    2 bed / 2 bath
1,159 sqft.    $1,635*

Balearic    2 bed / 2 bath
1,196 sqft.    $1,715*

Soloman    1 bed / 1 bath
769 sqft.    $1,394*

Hudson    2 bed / 2 bath
1,030-1,055 sqft.    $1,505*
Additional 25 sqft in master bedroom

Davis    2 bed / 2 bath
1,069 sqft.    $1,585*
* Add $30 for 3rd floor apartment homes with vaulted ceilings and black & stainless steel appliances.
Prices are subject to change without notice. One time connection fee of $75. Internet and Cable TV not included. Call for details.

Plan your monthly budget with ease. Know what to expect and avoid monthly surprises with the convenience of an apartments with utilities included. Want even more convenience? Rent a washer & dryer set for your apartment. Your apartment with utilities included can be a very financially sound decision, especially if you're attracted to stability and predictability.

All Utilities and Amenities Included
You won't need a gym membership, our clubhouse fitness center is open 24 hours a day. You won't need to join the YMCA for access to an outdoor pool, your rent includes a resort-style pool all season long. Now your rent can include the "boring" stuff too. Why deal with separate bills for water, trash, and electricity? Pay all those at once when you choose our all-inclusive-rent option.

Browse photos, or floor plans, then start your application online. We're ready to help you get it all included.

What's Included?
Utilities included in your rent:

Other Rentable Items
Washer & Dryer